Homeschool Questions Answered

Before the pandemic about 3% of US children were homeschooled. During 2020-2021 many parents for were forced into homeschooling and there was an increase of 63% but things started to normalize again and kids could go back to school. Yet in 2021-2020 that figure feel by only 17%. Whether forced or by choice, the amount … Read more

Why Choose Homeschooling?

For many people their first experience of homeschooling happened during the pandemic in 2020. But families have been homeschooling long before this for a variety of reasons. I understand if you were overwhelmed with the experience but maybe it peaked your interest and you now wonder why choose homeschooling? Why Choose Homeschooling Homeschooling has many … Read more

Types of Homeschooling

Types of Homeschooling

If you are new to homeschooling you might hear people talk about the different types of homeschooling. In the beginning it can be overwhelming especially when you have no idea what they are talking about. To help you understand homeschool lingo, let me explain the 6 main types of homeschooling. Traditional Traditional homeschooling is the … Read more

10 Benefits of Home Schooling

Benefits of Home Schooling

There was a time when home schooling was done by a few weird people. But the pandemic hit and suddenly many people were forced into home schooling. Some loved it and decided to carry on while others hated it. Let’s be honest, it is always easier to enjoy something when you choose to do it … Read more

9 Must Have Air Fryer Accessories

Whether you have been using your air fryer for a long time or are new in the game, air fryer accessories will help simplify things even more and can take your cooking to the next level. I am sure you are wondering which accessories you need so here is a list of the 9 must … Read more

11 Best Air Fryer Tips and Tricks

Air fryers have become very popular and for good reason. They are convenient, easy to use and consume electricity than conventional ovens. As with anything new, you might be wondering what you don’t know. To help you stop wondering, here are my 11 best air fryer tips and tricks to get you started with your … Read more

How to Clean an Air Fryer

You’ve seen how everyone cook delicious food in their air fryers and you are ready to get your own. But maybe you are holding back and first need to know how to clean an air fryer. Are you are like me. I dislike any effort in the kitchen, especially cleaning. Fortunately, it is much easier … Read more

Why do Hiking Backpacks Say Liter?

Why do Hiking Backpacks Say Liter

When you are shopping for a new hiking backpack, it might be confusing looking at the specifications and descriptions and reading liters. It can be hard visualizing how big a bag is when you need to figure out how big 50 liters is so you might be wondering why do hiking backpacks say liter and … Read more

Why do Hiking Backpacks Squeak?

Why do Hiking Backpacks Squeak

Part of hiking is to experience nature. You want to hear the stillness, or the birds and enjoy the peace and quiet. So imagine a squeak, squeak every time you take a step. You will not be the only one wondering why do hiking backpacks squeak? Your fellow hikers might wonder the same and definitely … Read more