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How to make your own Crystal Chakra Shower Head

How to make your own Crystal Chakra Shower Head

Are you conscious of the water you drink and ensure that it is always filtered? Ever thought about the chemicals your skin absorbs when you shower? Your skin is the largest organ in the body, is very porous and therefore absorbs everything you put onto it. If you are concerned about all the chemicals in water, you need to rethink your shower time and consider using a crystal chakra shower head.

Filled with ionized beads that filter the water, your body will absorb clean water while the crystals have a therapeutic effect and assist with alignment of your chakras. It helps clear out negative energies and you will not only feel the difference physically on your skin and hair but also spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

What is a Chakra?

Your chakras are the main energy centers of your body and they manage all parts of your life. They are similar to your physical organs and each one has a specific job to do. If one goes out of balance, it affects all the others. While there are many more, generally when speaking of your chakras, people refer to the main seven chakras.

Root chakra

  • Location: Base of spine, in your tailbone area
  • Purpose: Survival and security
  • Colour: Red

Sacral chakra

  • Location: Lower abdomen, about 2 inches below the naval
  • Purpose: Creativity, sense of abundance and sexuality
  • Colour: Orange
Crystal Chakra Shower Head - Chakra chart

Solar plexus chakra

  • Location: Upper abdomen
  • Purpose: Power and self-esteem
  • Colour: Yellow

Heart chakra

  • Location: Heart region
  • Purpose: Love, joy and inner peace
  • Colour: Green

Throat chakra

  • Location: Throat
  • Purpose: Communication and self-expression
  • Colour: Light blue/Turquoise

Third eye chakra

  • Location: Forehead – between your eyes
  • Purpose: Intuition, imagination and wisdom
  • Colour: Dark blue/purple

Crown chakra

  • Location: Top of your head
  • Purpose: Connection to spirituality
  • Colour: Violet/white

How To Make Your Own Crystal Chakra Shower Head

It is much easier than it sounds and you certainly can do this quickly at home. You only need 3 items – a shower head base, beads/balls and crystals.


The Luxsego 3 Settings Shower Head makes a perfect base and comes with beads. Follow the instructions on how to take it apart. Remove the red mineral balls from the base and replace them with your crystals.

Crystal Chakra Shower Head - Luxsego 3 Settings Shower Head


The mineral balls act as a filter and needs to be replaced after 6 – 8 weeks. Additional mineral balls can be bought here.


Crystals have a unique energy field and frequency and are often used for their healing benefits. You can play around with crystals and don’t need to have crystals for all 7 chakras in your shower head to experience the benefits. My personal preference is Rose quartz and Amethyst.

Crystal Chakra Shower Head - CrystalTears 7 Chakra Crystal Stones

Note that not all crystals can be infused with water but the CrystalTears 7 Chakra Crystal Stones is a chakra set you can safely use in your homemade crystal chakra shower head.

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I hope you enjoy making your own crystal chakra shower head and get all the benefits from it to help you in building a stronger life.

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