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The Top 5 Eco Friendly Yoga Mats to buy on Amazon

The Top 5 Eco Friendly Yoga Mats to buy on Amazon

Nobody wants to breathe in toxic fumes while doing yoga. Why not invest in an Eco Friendly Yoga Mat. It is better for you and the environment. Here are links to the top 5 Eco Friendly Yoga Mats to Buy in 2021. I go into more detail about why I like them later on in this article.

eco friendly yoga mats to buy - LIFORME Original Yoga MatLIFORME Original Yoga Mat$$$Check Pricing
eco friendly yoga mats to buy - Manduka eKO Yoga MatManduka eKO Yoga Mat$$Check Pricing
eco friendly yoga mats to buy - YOGA DESIGN LAB The Combo Yoga MatYOGA DESIGN LAB | The Combo Yoga Mat $$Check Pricing
eco friendly yoga mats to buy - Tiggar Yoga matTiggar Yoga mat $Check Pricing
eco friendly yoga mats to buy - JADE YOGA Harmony Yoga MatJADE YOGA – Harmony Yoga Mat $$Check Pricing

My Favorite Eco Friendly Yoga Mats Reviews

Doing yoga also means you are connecting with yourself and the earth. You wouldn’t want to spoil that connection by using a synthetic mat. Here are my reviews of the best Eco Friendly Yoga Mats to buy in 2021 to help you choose the right one for your body and the environment.  But first, have a look at this video.

#1 LIFORME Original Yoga Mat

Thickness0.17 Inches
PriceCheck pricing here

With the Liforme “GripForMe” you won’t be slipping and sliding during your yoga practice. This mat comes in various colors and with the unique “AlignForMe” system which helps guide and prevent injuries for Yogis of all experience levels. It is PVC free and biodegradable in 1 – 5 years. The mat stays clean and hygienic and is made from high quality non-toxic materials. You also get a free yoga bag. 

#2 Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

Thickness0.2 Inches
PriceCheck pricing

The Eko is made from biodegradable 100% natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents, non-azo dyes and no PVC or harmful plasticizers, therefore supporting you and the environment. The rippled surface texture ensures superior traction and the high-density, closed-cell surface, prevents sweat from sweeping into the mat cushion. 

#3 YOGA DESIGN LAB | The Combo Yoga Mat

Thickness0.14 Inches
PriceCheck Pricing

With a 2 in 1 design the combo mat is a mat and towel in one. Hence you can get sweaty on your yoga mat and don’t need a towel. The mat is eco friendly and is made from natural rubber + microfiber from recycled bottles. The prints on the mat are water based. Hand washing is recommended but you can put it on a gentle cycle in your washing machine. 

#4 Tiggar Yoga mat

Thickness0.16 Inches
PriceCheck Pricing

The Tiggar mat is made from biodegradable, 100% natural rubber with non-toxic foaming agents and non-Azo dyes. It is therefor 100% eco friendly and processed through a zero waste manufacturing process. The mat has excellent grip and is slip resistant. You can use this mat for Yoga as well as Pilates. It might have a rubber smell when you unpack it so make sure you spread it in a cool and ventilated place for 3-4 days before you use it. This will get rid of the smell.

#5 JADE YOGA – Harmony Yoga Mat

Thickness0.18 Inches
PriceCheck Pricing

The natural rubber used has a very strong grip and extra cushion giving it a superior level of traction. The 0.18inches thickness provides great traction, cushion and stability for standing poses. The mat is great to use for any activity at any level. Jade Yoga commits to giving back to earth and has planted over one million trees since 2006 with Trees for the Future. The mat is manufactured in the US and only high quality materials are used to ensure outstanding performance and long-lasting products. 

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My first choice would be Jade Yoga. I love the extra thickness meaning I can hold a pose a bit longer without worrying about joints hurting. It is well priced and I also love the fact that Jade gives back by planting trees. After all, it is not just about using eco friendly products. You need to put back what you take out. 

Thanks for reading and I hope this guide will empower you to build a stronger life. And a better yoga practice.

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