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Homeschool Questions Answered

Homeschool Questions Answered

Before the pandemic about 3% of US children were homeschooled. During 2020-2021 many parents for were forced into homeschooling and there was an increase of 63% but things started to normalize again and kids could go back to school. Yet in 2021-2020 that figure feel by only 17%. Whether forced or by choice, the amount of families homeschooling increased. In this article I will answer your homeschool questions.

Why Choose Homeschooling?

There are many reasons why people homeschool and many of those reasons are based on personal belief and circumstances. 7 Of the main reasons why families choose to homeschool are

  • Travel
  • Religion
  • Learning style
  • Flexibility
  • Family bonding
  • Bullying
  • Standard of education

My biggest reason is simply the freedom it gives. Freedom as parent and for your child to be able to adapt and work in a way that suits everyone in the family.

What About Socialization?

What about socialization? This is the first question I get asked every single time I tell people we home school. Socialization can happen anywhere. You don’t need to be in a classroom with other kids to socialize. We join homeschooling groups for outings, arrange get togethers with friends, do co-ops and more. Homeschooled kids have ample opportunity to socialize in a variety of settings.

Homeschool questions answered - socialization

Do I Need any Qualifications?

The answer to this depends on the state or country you live in. Most areas do not require you to have any formal qualification but it is best to check your local laws.

How Much Does it Cost to Homeschool?

The cost of homeschooling depends on your approach. If you decide to purchase an all-in-one box curriculum or setup a dedicated school area, it will cost a lot more than someone who decides to use natural life as their curriculum. Educational outings might also cost extra but usually you will be able to find plenty of free of charge options in your area.

What if my Kids Only Wants to Watch TV All Day?

If your kids are used to the routine of school and suddenly don’t have to anymore, they might watch tv all day. You know how you crave those cookies in the jar when you are not allowed to have them? This is the same.

With so much freedom, most kids go for the things they never had enough time for while in school. But rest assured. This will pass. Give them time and opportunities to start exploring their own special interest and you might find the TV loses its appeal.

Homeschool questions answered TV

Homeschooling Methods

The beauty of homeschooling is the amount of options you have to choose from. There are so many different ways to homeschool that you might get lost in all the options. Here are the 6 most common ones.

  • Traditional
  • Eclectic
  • Unschooling
  • Charlotte Mason
  • Classical
  • Unit studies

You will also find people have combinations of the above or add their own way.

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What Curriculum Should I Use?

There is a plethora of curriculum available. Before you jump in and buy anything, take time to deschool and find your feet. In the beginning I (and many other moms like me) have made the mistake of buying curriculum and never using it. You will change your views and methods a few times before you settle.

In the mean time, there are also plenty free resources online and you will find enough in your local library to keep you busy for a while. Once you have settled, you can think about buying something.

Will my Kids be Able to Attend College?

Homeschooled kids can go to college and many of them fair better than traditional schooled kids. According to studies, homeschoolers has a 15.7% higher graduation rate than kids from the traditional system.

The best way to approach college is to start at the end. If your child wants to go to college, look at what the requirements are and work backwards to see which curriculum will be the right fit and which exams needs to be passed.

Final Words

I hope this article answers most of your homeschool questions. It is a wonderful experience, not always easy but always worth it.

I hope you enjoy your experience while building a stronger life.

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