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Why Choose Homeschooling?

Why Choose Homeschooling?

For many people their first experience of homeschooling happened during the pandemic in 2020. But families have been homeschooling long before this for a variety of reasons. I understand if you were overwhelmed with the experience but maybe it peaked your interest and you now wonder why choose homeschooling?

Why Choose Homeschooling

Homeschooling has many benefits and there is a huge variety of reasons why people choose to homeschool. In fact, if I had to list all of them, you would sit here all day. But let me address the 7 biggest reasons why families choose to homeschool.


Moving is stressful enough and for people who relocate frequently, homeschooling is a great choice. Having your education at home creates a stable school environment versus changing schools frequently.

It will still be hard on your kids to make new friends everytime you move but there is a good chance they will meet other homeschoolers who are in the same situation.


Many families feel strong about religion and parents want their kids to be taught according to their own religious beliefs. Many parents feel they don’t want their kids to get confused by the information taught in public schools and choose to homeschool.

In this way parents have control over what is taught. There might be parents that won’t let their kids have interaction with other religions but that is usually a small minority. There is always opportunity to meet people with different religions and those interaction create new learning opportunities, which is what most parents want.

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Learning Style

I have two kids with dyslexia. My eldest was in school, my youngest never went to school. My youngest had a far better experience with learning to read than her older sister. With homeschooling there is no pressure to get something right at a specific date. You move to the next level, when you are ready. And on the flip side, if you excel at something, you don’t have to wait for the rest of the class before you can move forward.

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Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to teach your child according to their unique learning style. As a parent you quickly learn how your child learns best. It is quick and easy to adapt to your child’s needs. There are no red tape.

Yes, you might need to adapt the same information to 3 or 4 different learning styles (depending on how many kids you have) but this is still far more doable than 20 kids in one class.


Flexibility range from what time you home school, to how long, where, what and how you teach. I have fond memories of my daughter and I taking our dog for walks. During those walks we would search for colors, count our steps, read numbers, read street names… You get the idea.

I also love the fact that we can have an impromptu picnic on the beach in the middle of the week. No need to wait for the weekend and be disappointed when the weather doesn’t play along. Homeschooling gives you the freedom to change your day on short notice.

Family Bonding

Homeschooling generally takes up less time than a full school day. This gives you the chance to incorporate extra activities and do fun things as a family. It could mean board games, baking together, go for walks or play a sport. And sometimes we simply snuggle up and watch a move.

Bonding also happens during teaching. Lots of bonding (and learning patience) takes place while struggling together with math problem.

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As a parent you always want to protect your kids from any harm. This includes bullying. Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to have more control over bullying.

It doesn’t mean it will never happen. But when it happens, you are there. Children learn from us. When you are available in a difficult situation, you can show your child how to deal with bullying confidently.

Standard of Education

There is general consensus that the standard of education has declined. But even if it didn’t, in a big classroom there is no space for deeper learning or individual attention.

Homeschooling gives you the opportunity to give your kids individual attention and teach them on a deeper level. There is a wealth of information available on the internet, making it is easy to supplement any curriculum.

Final Words,

I hope this article answers most of your questions on why people choose to homeschool. It is a wonderful experience, not always easy but always worth it.

I hope you enjoy your experience while building a stronger life.

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